"Prakash is a young master of Indian classical singing, yet he was drawn to jazz and funk and sought to incorporate all those elements in his band, the Aditya Prakash Ensemble. The result is a smartly arranged, ultra-hip world music experience."

-LA Weekly

This young, imaginative group of musicians, while bridging Western and Eastern approaches to performance, creates a boldly innovative, powerful mix of the deep rooted tradition of Indian classical ragas, chants and rhythms with the modern sounds of brass band arrangement, jazz harmony, and hip hop-infused rhythms. While deeply grounded in the foundation of their musical traditions, this group seeks to push the boundaries of these traditions to find common ground and create a sound that is distinct.

The APEnsemble, a Los Angeles based music group made up of some of the most exciting and dynamic jazz, hip hop and Indian classical musicians in the city, eager to share their love of these traditions, was founded by award-winning Indian classical vocalist, Aditya Prakash, in 2010.

The roots of the Ensemble’s unique collaboration began during their Ethnomusicology studies at University of California Los Angeles, where their horizons to cross-cultural musical interaction expanded vastly.

The Ensemble’s initial musical interaction was sparked by the exciting world of improvisation that both Indian classical and jazz styles share. During their academic studies, the group began exploring the theory and compositional aspects of different styles of music and began creating their own original arrangements, highlighting the interconnectedness of the various musical backgrounds they all come from. A genuine desire to discover the space that links the many into the one, has been the driving force behind this collaboration.

With the increasing socio-cultural influence of the South Asian Diaspora, particularly Bollywood culture in America, this group seeks to bring to the fore the roots from which both Indian classical and pop traditions have evolved. The Ensemble has created an outlet for the Indian classical and jazz aesthetic to shine forth in an accessible, modern, playful yet powerful and dynamic way.