"A spectacular production, featuring exceptionally expressive Indian vocals and dazzling Carnatic and fusion jazz instrumental virtuosity.”

-World Music Central


MARA is a mind-bending, high-octane dance, music and multimedia production that brings to life the diabolical, devious character, Mara from Buddhist lore, in a visually entrancing exploration of the human mind and all its intricacies. Stunning synchrony of movement by classical Indian dancers and boldly innovative live music – a powerful, heady mix of Indian ragas, brass band jazz, modern funk and global rhythms – intersects with multimedia projections and experimental staging. This original production created by the dynamic brother-sister duo Aditya and Mythili Prakash blends poetry with dance choreographed by Mythili Prakash and performed by the Shakti Dance Company along with music composed and performed by the Aditya Prakash Ensemble.


Moving away from traditional plot structures, MARA explores the journey of the individual (Jeeva), as she negotiates the dangerous, dazzling maze that is the human mind (Mara). Mara, the demon who infamously attempted to entice Buddha, continues to distract humans from discovering what lies beyond worldly pleasures, the pursuit of true inner freedom. Can Jeeva break free from the chains that bind her to this world?

MARA brings together the depth of Eastern philosophy, aesthetics of Indian classical arts, and dynamism of Western stagecraft and music. On a deeper level, MARA carries a message whose relevance traverses boundaries of culture, age, geography, and time. MARA is about life, perception, transformation, and Self-discovery. It is about each one of us.